Monday, May 23, 2011

My (Un)Creative Story

I've always wanted to be creative.  I've never thought of myself as such.  Aren't left handed people typically the artsy, crafty, musical type?  Not me.  I'm quite the opposite in my little brain.  I have an analytical mind.  While I'm not particularly strong at math, I'm a number cruncher.  But I've always had that want to be creative.

I started out trying out scrapbooking.  I invested in many materials but once I actually sat down to create a scrapbook page, I was stuck...and frustrated.  I decided that I liked the idea of scrapbooking more than actually doing it.  That was the end of that idea.

A handful of years later, I tried knitting.  I taught myself using YouTube and pamphlet-type books.  Knitting is supposed to be a relaxing hobby but I realized I am a tight knitter and the process of actually knitting was tense. After making a coaster for my boyfriend, I hung up my knitting needles.

I don't know if people who bake are considered creative, but I consider them creative and an art.  I love making different types of Christmas cookies and food projects.  I've made chocolates with different colors and molds for a few years for Easter and while I don't always like my results, I like painting with chocolate and creating delicious desserts for people to eat.

And now here I am making cards. I made a New Year's Resolution that I would start writing and sending letters and cards more often.  Who doesn't love getting a card from someone whether they've passed it to you or sent it in the mail?  I want people to feel special with a letter or card.  To assist me in my resolution, one of my blogger friends sent me a homemade stationery set that she bought from one of her blogging friends Etsy shop.  I also checked out her Etsy store and purchased many different sets of cards that she made so I could send them to my friends and family for occasions and after having them for a bit, I was inspired...inspired to have a go at making my own cards.

I went to a local craft store and bummed around just looking at all the different papers, cardstock, stamps, ink pads, tools, etc.  I had a lot to learn.  I didn't even understand the concept of acrylic stamps just two months ago.  I didn't buy a thing but researched all different websites and videos of what all this stuff was for and how to use it.  I kept making trips to the craft store, again only looking.  For whatever reason, it was a big commitment to actually purchase materials to start making cards.  I finally took the plunge May 1, 2011 and purchased some items.  My biggest purchase was my Cuttlebug, which is an embossing and die cut machine.  I bought some cardstock, envelopes, ink pads, stamps and some embellishments.  My card making supplies keep growing and my most recent purchase is a heat tool and embossing powders.  I keep graduating to the next level of card making by buying additional supplies, which has become very expensive.  But you know what?  I love making cards.  Am I the best?  Absolutely not.  Am I good?  Maybe.  Am I getting better?  Absolutely.  I've made about twenty cards since starting and I can see my progression.  I'm excited to sharpen my skills and broaden my creativity.  Card making doesn't always come easy for me.  I sit there at my homemade crafting table and stare.  I look at my materials.  I stare some more.  It's only when the creative juices start flowing do I get on a roll and then I don't want to stop.

I plan to use this blog as a way to display my creations.  I don't care if I don't have any followers or visitors to this blog as it's for me.  But don't get me wrong, if you like my creations, please follow! :)

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  1. You have great story! I was feeling quite same way a long time. I feeling that I be so engineer, that I don´t can be creative!

    Then I will be sick (Multiple Sclerosis) and I going to rehabilitation for 3 weeks! That time I live in hand-works area and try everything different work! I lovet that time! This happening 2004!

    But when I go to homa, I don´t have anyt tools and materials. So I forget that all - but small idea start living in my head!

    2007 I visit my new friends home and he made 3D-cards! I remember my feeling from 2004 and I start trying 3D cards. After few mounths I understand that 3D don´t be for me, and I found STAMPS!! And all lovely PAPERS! Then I leave my hearts from crafting!!!

    I start my first blog on august 2007
    and then my life is be quite creative - And I surprised almous every day WHAT I can do and make! 2009 I found beads, mut still PAPER and STAMPS is my big great LOVE!!

    I hope all best for you and I will really follow your blog in future!

    All best wishes

    Taru Jehkonen
    from Finland