Saturday, February 7, 2015

January 2015

This is my final post of the day.  With this post, it makes six for the day. I wanted to get caught up with the cards that I made over the years and I know there's more that I didn't take pictures of but this feels like an accomplishment to get up-to-date.

These are all birthday cards with the exception of a wedding card.  January is a busy month for birthdays in my life, including my own.

This card what for M's dad.  I still struggle with masculine cards.

This one was for my Grandpa's 80th birthday.

This one was for Tanya Z's birthday.

This one was for my cousin Ryan's wedding.  Ryan, a girl, married her long-time boyfriend Paul in Mexico on January 29th.

Finally, this is M's birthday card.  Our birthdays are 16 days apart.

September 2014

With an abundance of vegetables in their garden, M's parents sent home tomatoes, cucumbers and onions with M on Labor Day weekend for me.  To show my appreciation, I made them this card.

June 2014

For my sister's birthday, I made her a little card in the shape of a birthday present.

I made my nephew a baseball card, which included tickets to a Twins game.

One of my dearest friends, Sara got married last June.  I was out of her town for her wedding but I made her a card which was from all of us at work.

May 2014

I made two cards in May 2014 for Mother's Day.  One was for my mom and the other for M's mom.

Both of these cards were smaller than normal greeting card size.

This card was for my mom.

This was M's mom's card.

I also stamped and colored this bag which was bag in which one of my mom's Mother's Day gifts was in.  

I made her a photo transfer onto wood and painted gray.  This scene is at Lichen Lake, a place my dad was fond of.  

I also made this card which I ended up giving to my friend Jill for her birthday in July.

Etsy Shop

I once dared greatly, in July 2011 with the opening an Etsy shop and featuring some of the cards I've made.  These are the ones that I created that haven't already been featured on this site.  I didn't sell a single card.

June 2011 Cards

The following cards were all made in June 2011 for multiple occasions.  

The first two are for Father's Day with the top one for my dad and the second one for M's dad.  

The birthday card was for my nephew, Keith.  I must have been rushed this day.  He's almost 12 now!

The final card is for Asher.  Asher is the son of our good friends, Chris and Tanya.  He was born June 8th and we delivered this card to them in the hospital.  This one took a while as I was still using my Cuttlebug to cut everything out. Asher will be four in June.

A Very Long Hiatus

The last time I posted here was almost three years ago.  I haven't stopped making cards though, even though I do go in phases.

I try to take photos of the cards I make before I give them or send them away so I'm going to try and make up for lost time and post some, maybe all of them here going forward.

I recently have had another surge of craftiness come over me so I have inspiration to continue to create through this winter at least.

I've just purchased some new stamps and markers and I'm waiting for them to arrive but am very excited to use some new stuff and post my cards again.