Friday, June 10, 2011

Bike Ride

My boyfriend participates in a bike ride every year which raises money for Multiple Sclerosis, or MS.  The bike ride is 150 miles or 241 km for my metric peeps. :)  I've never participated in the ride myself, however I'm his cheerleader on the sidelines.  I usually give him a good luck card before the ride and of course this year, I decided to make it.

I wanted to buy a bicycle stamp but I didn't have time so I tried using a digi stamp for my first time.  While it's easy to download and resize, I still haven't gotten the hang of how to actually print the digi stamp on your card in the correct place so I printed it on card stock and cut it out.  It was hard for me to make this card because I'm used to making more feminine cards but I wanted it to have a masculine or at least unisex feel.  I have to admit I had a difficult time with any creativity and I ended up making it odd in my opinion.  I purposely chose patterns and colors that don't necessary match and the end result?  I think it turned out really good!  This was also the first time that I've used a 5 x 7 card. (I usually use A2 sized cards-5.5 x 4.25 in) Because I am so new to card making, I haven't invested in any type of markers/pens to color the stamp so it's just the way it printed off however I used some distressed ink to make some grass and sky.  The bike ride is tomorrow so I will be giving him this card later tonight or maybe tomorrow morning.  I also created a poem on the inside of the card, which is supposed to be serious and funny at the same time and stamped "Enjoy the Journey".  I know he'll love it.

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